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Every Fangirls Dream

Have you met a fangirl/fanboy? What does he/she really dream about? Is it achievable? Is it possible to happen? Does it make sense? Check this out and know what I really dream. Anyone can say that it’s kinda obvious what does a fangirl really dream. They may say like a “fangirl’s dream is to meetContinue reading “Every Fangirls Dream”

My Happy Pills

What makes you happy? Is it a person or an animal? Does it make your heart flutter? Does it make you smile whenever you’re thinking of it? Does it relieve your stress seeing it? Is it your happy pills? Try reading this one and meet my happy pills! Seeing them smile also makes me smileContinue reading “My Happy Pills”

Heaven and Earth

“They are stars, while me, I’m just down here watching them shine.” The gap between us is from heaven to earth. They’re above and too high. Too high that I can’t even touch them. Too high that all I can do is watch them shine like the stars at night. Too high that they’re unreachable.Continue reading “Heaven and Earth”

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